Career Goals

Daniel's career goals are to work for a company that will invest into him as much as he invests into them. To have a work relationship where both the company and the employee are valued by both, and they both mutually benefit from one another. A bond that endures for life.

What does this look like?

You can be assured that Daniel will put everything he has into your company. The hours, the commitment, the patience, and passion will all be there day in and day out. What is expected is that the employer that benefits from Daniel, will equally care about it's employees and take care of them as well. This is in areas such as benefits, salary, family, team building, and community.


Although Daniel receives full healthcare and retirement pay as a retired military veteran, it is important to him to know that the company he works for cares enough for their employees to offer benefit packages that include healthcare, dental, and retirement packages and plans. To not offer these benefits warns of a company who may not have the financial position to do so, which would put in question the longevity of that company. Daniel is looking to work for a company for the long term... for life, and retire from them after a long and mutually beneficial period of time.


Not expecting to get anything that is not earned, Daniel does not have any false expectations for an employer to know his value by 'reading his mind'. Daniel fully understands that the relationship he is looking for with an employer is a process that takes time. Over time as trust, growth, and skillset expectations grow he expects his employer will properly compensate it's employees according to their contributions, efforts, and sacrifices. Employees salaries reflects the value of an employer upon their workforce. Any employer that would hold back a competitive salary from it's worthy employees violates the trust and relationship they share. Again, an employer that cannot or will not compensate their employees according to their worth may not be a company that deserves a lifelong commitment.


Part of the type of relationship and company values that Daniel is seeking employment from is shown in the companies value of it's employee families. This can be reflected in the type of benefit packages, but more than that is reflected in the amount of family concern and participation that company displays. Does the leadership of the company show concern for their employees and any special situations such as family members with special needs, deaths in the family, etc. and does the companies leadership go out of it's way to help these employees? Does the company give the feeling of being 'business first' or is it 'people first'. Daniel is a firm believer that if you take care of the employees that make a company, those employees will in turn care for and take care of the company...and then some.

Team Building

It is important to Daniel that everyone on the team is a contributer. Individuals can accomplish much, however teams can accomplish much more. Individuals can grow in their technical skillset, talents, and managerial skillset, however in a challenging team environment individuals can grow even more. Daniel is looking to join and become part of a team that he can contribute to, learn from, and grow from. A company that relies upon a few 'super-stars' to carry the team is not the type of environment that Daniel is looking to become a part of. He believes that an employer has a responsibility to recruit employees that contribute to the team with an outstanding work ethic. Work ethic is more valued than skillset. With the right work ethic, skillset can be taught and learned. However, a superior skillset accompanied by lack of a work ethic does not work out well in Daniel's experience.


Daniel values the importance of being proud of the company that he is employed by. Community relations and contributions are a very crucial aspect of that mentality. The community (within reason) should view the company Daniel works for in a positive light and be happy that this company is a part of their community. Reaching out to the youth, homeless, and impoverished is important to Daniel and hopefully to any prospective employer as well. Improving the community and world at large should be a focus of the company, and not just solely increasing 'profit margins'.

Why is all of this necessary?

It is more important than anything to Daniel, that every morning when he wakes up to go to work, that he should be excited and looking forward to arriving at the office. When you enjoy what you do and who you do it for it's not work. At that point it's simply doing your hobby. Truly, Confucius got it right when he said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." We only live this life once and we might as well make it a pleasurable experience while doing so. To have a job that is not enjoyed and resent going to work everyday is not an option for Daniel.

Daniel is looking to make a lifelong commitment to your company. He has invested hour upon hour of his personal time and money perfecting his 'hobby'. IT Networking and Network Management. The overall goal is to work every ring of the corporate ladder. He expects to start working at a reasonable position according to his experience and skillset, and then immediately start contributing to his employer by perfecting his craft in whatever position he is given, and once perfected and a suitable replacement is identified, then move up to the next position and start the process over again.